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Beating Roulette Wheels What Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Posted under online casinos,Roulette by admin on June 8, 2016 12:16 pm ||

Casinos make money from its players and there are things they want to keep from you which we will explain here. For those who are interested on winning in roulette and how to do it, you can see tips on playing roulette.

Casinos are among the places to visit when you want to have fun. Many games can be played in these places. Among these games, roulette is one of the most famous although a lot of people try to stay out of this game since they believe beating roulette is not possible.

Despite the house advantage in this game, you have every chance of beating roulette and winning. But, before we dwell on that, we will talk about how roulette wheels can be beaten.


How Casinos Make Money in Roulette

The way casinos make money is easy. When a player loses, they will forfeit their bet. In any given period, the amount of money that a casino makes on is higher than the amount it pays out to winners.

In fact, the casino banks on this advantage so it could profit from its business. Even if you made so much money, someone else has been losing it which would translate to the fact that casinos will always win.

If you look at casinos closely, they are in the business of making people believe they have a chance at winning. By banking on the fact that players will be swayed to make bets and lose, casinos make so much money.

In roulette, a casino can make money because of their house edge, the zero in European Roulette and the double zero in American roulette givens the casino an advantage.

With these two slots in the wheel, casinos will always have a higher chance of winning compared to the player. Of course, there will be winners but there will also be many losers.

What Casinos Want You to Believe

If you have been searching the web for tips and tricks on how to bet in roulette and win, you will surely come up with many losing systems. But, casinos want you to stick to that so you lose more than you win.

As a rule, if your roulette strategy does not affect your winning odds, it will not work. Any system that involved progression, changing the size of your bets, or basing your bets on a certain outcome is not effective.

Any strategy will win or even put you on a winning streak but this could just be luck. You need to think about any system you apply especially when you want to win more in roulette.


When Will a Casino Be Concerned About Your Winnings?

In many cases, a casino will not be concerned about the system that a player will use. They can bet on black or red or any slot. The only time that a casino will start to worry is when a player is using a system based on physics.

When the dealer detects this, certain measures to prevent the player from winning further is observed. Plus, casinos have a network where they share intel with other casinos. This way, they can catch the experts who always win in roulette.

In roulette, casinos are on the lookout for players who are using computers. These computers can help increase the accuracy of your predictions on where the ball will land. And, given how helpful these gadgets are, casinos don’t want them in your hands while you are betting on the wheel.

How Using Physics Based Roulette Systems Can Help You Win

Roulette may be based on luck but it is also dependent on the factors involved. In this case, roulette is based on the speed of the wheel and the ball. The dealer could also affect the results since he/she controls when the ball is released.

A computer can take the speed of the ball and the wheel and process the information based on your inputs. Using it may be a bit hard at first but when you master how it works, you can increase the accuracy of your bets. Once you have everything in place, you can make a bet. Depending on how accurate your roulette computer is, you would have to make sector bets.

Mastery is also a vital element in being successful in using these roulette computers. Any system that you apply whether it involves roulette computers or another system that is based on physics, you need to test it. Testing is vital in any system.
Knowing how an entire system works will take months. You need to observe wheels keenly and take note of each spin before you can take advantage of the benefits of using your physics based system.

In the long run, your efforts would pay off but you would have to face the challenge of observing the wheel and looking for signs of bias on the wheel.  There will be many things to consider that could be overwhelming at first but they will eventually become easier to handle when you have mastered the system.

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