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Posted under Betting by admin on December 24, 2013 6:49 am ||

The NBA is a superstar game. Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, are just some names that come to mind when you think of global sensations. The NBA spends millions of dollars marketing these players. Those superstars end up with gigantic contracts and tons of endorsements. Thus making unbelievable amounts of money.

Once in a lifetime superstars are a rarity though. We will get a couple a generation, if we are lucky. That’s why when a sophomore “Demian Lilard” of the Portland trail blazers started out this season on fire, he caught the eye of fans. He’s leading Portland to their best starting season, and is average a whopping 21 points a game. He has five game winners already this year, with two coming consecutively.

We are literally watching an all star come into his own. He’s tremendous, exciting, and has a legit chance to bring his Trail Blazers to the finals. His lights out shooting isn’t the only thing illustrious about this guy. He is also one of the best passers in the game, and is averaging around six dimes a game.

That’s why, if you’re willing to gamble, Trail Blazers are a good bet. Not only will you have the stakes against you, for a better chance to win more money, but you have a legit chance of making bank, because like I said superstars don’t come around often.

Odds might be slightly stacked against you, but that’s the point of gambling. This superstar is one of the most exciting players to come into the league in quite some years. Hopefully we will continue to see amazing stuff from this player.

How many can you name in the current league, Kevin Durant, and Lebron James. Of course, Tim Duncan, past his prime, is an exception. Bookie Bets Free, how about that.

Trail Blazers were horrible during his rookie season, but you could see a star emerging. Now everyone is witnessing something special. At the young age of 22, Demian Lilard, if he stays healthy, is sure to be a future hall of famer.You can bet on it because Bookie Bets Free.

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